Reviving a blog

It has been 4 years since my last post, and 7 years since I posted regularly. Phew… time flies. The reason has not been a lack of subjects but more that other things were more fun, like making all sorts of games for iPhone, Apple TV, XBox and PC. I could have shared some of the experiences but I was too lazy to update the blogging tech. from the old DasBlog engine to something contemporary.

On top of all that I also had a daughter in the same period.

Excuses, excuses…

I planned years ago to code my own blogging engine, the idea was to write markdown files to dropbox and have them appear automagically on my site. I had it all planned but never found the time, the idea was solid but too time consuming.

Hugo to the rescue

During the summer holiday this year I fiddled around with the static site generator Hugo almost the same idea as my own - writing blog posts in markdown though not deploying via Dropbox but via Github.

Not as simple as my idea but actually better because of the commit log, branches etc.

I decided to transfer my old blog to the Hugo format.

Quite time consuming in itself actually because I needed to preserve the old links, comments and so on.

But I think I am finally finished.

I will not bother you with the details - countless blog posts have been written about blogging with Hugo.

The only thing I have done a little out of the ordinary is to use Staticman for comments, which means comments actually turns into commits to the Github repo.

The tech. used is listed on my about page

Digging around in the old stuff

It has been a fun trip down memory lane to go through my old blog posts. Like this one in 2014 where I stated that I still prefered SVN to GIT - that was then ! Today I could not imagine going back to SVN.

Or the very first post in 2009 when I boldly promised that I would blog once per month.

I will not make such foolhardy promises this time ! :)


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