How to get EnvDTE.Project information when the project is contained in a Solution Folder in Visual Studio

I was using my codeplex project ManagedMenuExtensions recently when I realized that it threw an Exception, when clicking on a menu attached to a C# project under a solution folder. The reason was that the object which normally contained an EnvDTE.Project when a project was clicked contained null, when this project was contained in a solution folder.

I normally use this code to get at the selected project (m_VSStudio is the DTE object of the current solution):

private UIHierarchyItem SelectedItem  
    UIHierarchy uiHierarchy = m_VSStudio.ToolWindows.SolutionExplorer;  
    if(uiHierarchy == null)  
      return null;  
    object[] items = uiHierarchy.SelectedItems as object[];  
    if(items == null || items.Length == 0)  
      return null;  
    return items[0] as UIHierarchyItem;  

The SelectedItem.Object of type object now contains a EnvDTE.Solution object if the solution is selected in the solution explorer, and guess what :O) it contains an EnvDTE.Project if a project is selected. It is this SelectedItem.Object that contains null, if the project is contained in a solution folder.

I googled this problem and found others who had the same problem, but none with a solution, so I had to come up with my own. I don’t know if this behaviour is by design from Microsoft, or if it is a bug.

My Solution

Normally I would test if a project is selected with this code:

var project = SelectedItem.Object as Project;  
if (project != null)  
    //Do something with the project  

Now I use this code instead:

Project project = GetProject(SelectedItem.Object);  
if (project != null)  
    //Do something with the project  

Where I implemented GetProject(…) as:

private Project GetProject(object selectedItemObject)  
    var project = selectedItemObject as Project;  
    if (project != null)  
        return project;   
    var item = selectedItemObject as ProjectItem;  
    if (item == null)  
        return null;   
    return item.SubProject;  

Not exactly beautiful, but that is to be expected when playing with Visual Studios AddIn model, and the kind of thing I try to hide in ManagedMenuExtensions. I haven’t had a chance to look at Visual Studio 2010 yet, one could hope that they have done a better job of hiding the ugly underlying COM stuff.

Anyway, I hope this helps the next person who tries to search for a workaround for this rather weird behaviour.


That’s way more clever than I was epxeticng. Thanks!

Sun, Jun 14, 2009

I have installed software in the below Sequence but not able to see the menu options (regiter, unregister and quick regiter) from the right click of the Guidance Package.

1) VS 2010 professional

2) VS 2010 SDK

3) GAT

4) GAX

Thanks in advance for your attention on this issue.

Wed, Jun 29, 2011

You seem to have commented on the wrong Blogpost. You are refering to the list in one of my GAC posts. Try to see if you have a Guidance Package Manager menu under the Tools menu. If so check if GAT 2010 is enabled.

Thu, Jun 30, 2011

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